B.A.D. Ride Calls it a Day!

November 1 2007

It was announced in September that the Tenth Edition of the B.A.D. Ride (www.thebadride.com) that rolled through the Toronto area on May 27, 2007, would be its last. For the past ten years the Ride has been in place to support the Distress Centres of Toronto, and this year over $210,000 was raised for the cause. In total the B.A.D. Ride supporters have raised over one million dollars during a decade of great rides that have revitalized the Distress Centres.

The Distress Centre is Canada’s oldest crisis line, and the money raised has been responsible for the growth of existing mental health and crisis intervention services and the development of new ones. The B.A.D. Ride has indeed been the Distress Centres’ lifeline to fulfill the needs of many.

The B.A.D Ride’s team of volunteers have dedicated 10 years to the growth of this ride and the Distress Centres are grateful to them for their incredible contributions. 100% of the monies raised by riders went to the charity.

It was not uncommon for over 1200 riders to show up to support the ride and enjoy an afternoon of entertainment and great food. The B.A.D. Ride has indeed brought out many dedicated enthusiasts who will miss this event, but good or B.A.D…all things must come to an end.

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