Bevin Findlay

January 1 2008


Airbrush Eagle on Motorcycle Gas Tank

In his early teens, while attending local motorcycle and auto shows, Bevin Finlay became very interested in the art of automotive airbrushing and custom painting. He had spent countless hours pencil sketching and creating pen and ink drawings since early childhood, but what he saw on these rolling pieces of art, simply amazed him. The subtle blends of color under layers of glassy smooth coats of polished clear; he knew this was the direction for him to expand his abilities as an artist. That was over twenty years ago, and he is still just as passionate about it today.

With a strong dedication to consistently producing a crisp and detailed style of freehand airbrush painting, Bevin Finlay’s work has evolved to a quality level of high admiration among his clients and peers. Beautiful wildlife renderings, realistic portrait work, and exotic fantasy art are some of his most favourite projects.

Throughout the years, Bevin has picked up numerous best paint and artwork awards, and has had his work featured in several of the industry magazines. While the recognition is wonderful, Bevin said, “Nothing pleases me more than the look of a satisfied customer. You see, I love bikes and cars myself, so I understand how much you want that ‘special’ look.”

Located about an hour drive north of the city of Kitchener, Ontario, the small hamlet of Belmore is home to Bevin’s workshop. Bevin’s clients, regardless of where they live, think nothing of packaging up their most prized possessions and sending them to him for an artistic makeover. “They don’t just want a custom job, they want a head turner!”

Be sure to check out Bevin’s impressive online gallery at Flowing flame jobs, like the “Lethal Weapon” bike featured here, along with other traditional graphics, custom lettering, and more remarkable airbrush illustrations are all there for easy viewing.

Bevin is always up for any challenge you might throw at him. Rest assured, whatever he creates for you, it would certainly heighten the pleasure and beauty of your ride!


Bevin Finlay Artistry & Design
91028 Finlay Line
Belmore, ON N0G 2X0


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