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January 1 2008


The Forks of the Credit Road twists and turns its way through thick forests and over hill and dale until it reaches the Forks of the Credit River and the Hamlet of Belfountain, Ontario. This area is a mecca for motorcyclists; stories are shared, bikes are discussed, and the latest mods and accessories are shown off. A typical Sunday afternoon ride to Belfountain resulted in John Cosentini of Motorcycle Enhancements and Jack Schweitzer crossing paths. “One thing led to another and we started exchanging thoughts on what motorcycle oil to use.” John says, “Next thing you know, Monday comes along and Jack rolls in on his gorgeous white Road Star.”

Jack just came in for an oil change but as he browsed the showroom at Motorcycle Enhancements, more and more custom parts and accessories caught his eye. “After a few hours of Jack asking, Does this fit on my bike? What about that?” John laughed and said, “He rode away with a big smile on his face and more chrome and sparkle on his bike than you have ever seen.”

Happy with the service and attention to detail he received, Jack returned to Motorcycle Enhancements with a picture in his hand and an idea in his head. Jack wanted to know if it might be possible to make the first 240 Yamaha Bagger. “Of course we can.” John said.

Jack had plenty of questions for John, ‘Can we make it fit with a Corbin seat or how about with the Mustang seat, too? While you have the tank off, can you fix this little problem that people have been talking about on the Internet?’ “We were able to answer all his questions and put his mind at ease.” The questions continued. John explained. “Building up the rapport with our clients is paramount. The trust and confidence we have in each other is priceless.”

John Cosentini has a sales and engineering background and knows the importance of treating his customers right. He began working on motorcycles as a hobby and opened Motorcycle Enhancements in 2000. “The basis of the company is quality workmanship, using top-notch suppliers and earning the customer’s trust and confidence,” John said.

As the months passed by, the work on the Road Star continued, more ideas were exchanged and the Road Star continued to evolve into a truly unique motorcycle. Changes were made, and parts were ordered and installed, modifications were made. “We even painted and then repainted some things when the colour wasn’t just right.” Working with Roger of Extreme Measures Kustom Paint, he ensured the body was well prepared with attention to detail. He made the fabricated parts look like mint. The symmetry that we asked for came alive in the detail after he cleared and protected Jay’s artwork.

When Jack’s Road Star finally rolled out of the shop it featured a 240 rear tire that Motorcycle Enhancements was able to fit into a modified stock swingarm, “We made it fit in the center with a eighth of an inch gap on each side,” John said.

The complete front and back end of the bike is a custom molded one-off piece manufactured by Bob Air from fiberglass composite materials and includes Motorcycle Enhancements own custom-made Bat Wing Fairing. Included in the fairing is a Jensen Radio/CD/MP3/DVD player with a 7” flip-up display wired into a camera installed in the rear of a saddlebag for a heads-up rear-view display.

The tank and side covers are original but have been redesigned and stretched with a distinguished Cadillac bodyline, coupled with a custom fabricated seat to complement the body style throughout this custom. A beautiful black base with a liquid metal flame paint job and skull artwork by Jay Ferguson of AirHeadz Custom Airbrush finish the bike, guaranteeing the big Yamaha Road Star will turns heads everywhere it goes.

If you have an idea or even just a desire to make your bike a little more unique, Motorcycle Enhancements are the people to take your idea and turn it into the bike of your dreams. “No job is too small or too complicated for us to handle. Bring it On!”


Motorcycle Enhancements
427 Speers Road, Unit 9
Oakville, ON L6K 3S8


240 Bagger “FATRS”

Owner: Jack Schweitzer
Designer: Motorcycle Enhancements
Fabrication: Motorcycle Enhancements
Year/Make: 2004 Yamaha
Model: Road Star
Assembly: Motorcycle Enhancements
Time: Long time
Chroming: Motorcycle Enhancements

Year/Model: 2004 Yamaha Midnight Star
Displacement: 1700 cc (102 cubic Inch)
Lower End: Stock
Balancing: Stock
Pistons: Stock
Heads: Stock
Cam: Stock
Carb: Stock with jet kit
Air Cleaner: Thunder Tornado Air intake
Pipes: Roadhouse Dooley exhaust system
Performance: Single stage nitrous oxide system
Manifold: Ported

Transmission: 2004 Yamaha Road Star

Concept: Jack Schweitzer / John Cosentini
Body Design: John Cosentini and Brother Frank Cosentini
Body Fabrication: Bob Air
Painter-base and Clear: Roger Pouw of Extreme Measures Kustom Paint
Airbrush Artwork: Jay Ferguson of AirHeadz Custom Airbrush
Color: Black with liquid metal flames and skull artwork

Year/Make: Stock Frame
Type: 2004 Yamaha Road Star
Rake: Stock rake
Shocks: Stock
Suspension: Lowered with Motorcycle Enhancements lowering kit
Other Modifications: Custom modified swing arm to fit 240 series tire

Handlebar: Beach bars with internal wiring
Handlebar Controls: Chromed stock control
Fenders: Custom composite front and rear fenders
Headlight: Diamond cut and passing lights
Taillight: Arlen Ness frenched into fender with chromed frenched plate
Tach: Dakota Digital custom fitted into dash
Sound System: Jensen AM/FM CD/MP3/DVD/Camera/AUX input for iPod
Foot Controls: Stock with Yamaha floorboard covers
Choke Mount: Custom fabricated choke & coil mounting bracket
Seat: Custom fabricated by Apple Auto Glass
Final Drive: Rotating front pulley with 1-1/8” belt
Mirrors: Custom billet Yamaha mirrors
Engine Guard: Lindby with Lindby footpegs
Fairing: Motorcycle Enhancements
Fenders: Motorcycle Enhancements
Saddle Bags: Motorcycle Enhancements

Front End
Type: Stock but chrome plated
Raked: Stock

Make: RC Components Outlaw
Size: Front 18 x 3.00 / Rear 18 x 8.5 (with custom hubs)
Tires: Front 130 / Rear 240 (Metzeler ME880)
Brakes: Chromed stock 4-piston calipers with chromed matching rotors

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