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January 1 2008


Based out of New Westminster, British Columbia, Trickfactory Customs started out in a garage with their first bike being built simply as a hobby. Owners, Tim Lajambe and Rob Mosser are the driving force behind this hobby that evolved into Trickfactory. Both Rob and Tim are licensed steel fabricators and welders who carry journeyman status in both trades. Two perfect crafts to create anything your imagination can conjure up.

The mistress custom motorcycle Trickfactory consists of four guys who are into all forms of motor sports. The shop doors have seen customized hot-rods, choppers, sport bikes and boats pass through. “A lot of the same trades and skills apply to all these different forms of motor sports and the variety of projects also keeps our eyes open to new ideas and new technologies,” Tim said. “We’ve been in business in our current location for three years and we pride ourselves on the fact that our creations don’t have to leave the shop for any outside work, we do it all in-house.” Trickfactory is a true custom shop in that they don’t do any service work other than maintain their customer’s projects and that allows them to focus more on the details. Tim continued, “There are a lot of well qualified shops that can take care of regular maintenance, but I wouldn’t have the guy that changes my oil build me a gas tank.”

Before the guys at Trickfactory start a build, they sit down with the client and discuss what the customer has in mind; what’s the goal for the bike, whether they want to ride it, win shows, or both. That leads to specific requests and details by the customer and after that the bike pretty much designs itself. The rest of it is basically reactionary based on their style and level of quality. “It’s all pretty casual, we don’t have a top secret design team,” Tim said. The bike you see here, The Mistress, started out this way.

“The owner of this bike is Dave, a friend of mine way before he was a customer,” Tim said. “He had talked about building a bike for a while and I had told him to shop around to make sure we were the guys for the job and not that he felt obligated to us. I wanted him to be sure so we could remain friends when the bike was completed. Dave shopped around and came back with some pretty outrageous quotes and crazy long build times. We talked and agreed on a price and what he wanted to accomplish with the bike and he left the rest up to us. Some of Dave’s must-haves were the naked girl on the tank, tons of power and the huge twenty-inch back wheel.”

The Mistress took the crew at Trickfactory four months to build from start to finish. Some of the bike’s special items include a Foose twenty-inch back wheel custom cut specifically for the bike. They also got the first 155 cu. in. Smoothie billet Engenuity engine sold; they were able to snag this power plant six months before it was released to the public. Fuel is fed into the big mill through a PSI Big Air carburetor and at the top end of the fuel system; a one-off Foose inspired gas cap was created to match the wheels. All the sheet metal, handlebars and stainless steel exhaust pipes were made in-house.

The Geisha artwork was done by Clint Danroth and then passed off to Troy LaPlante, Trickfactory’s resident air-brush artist. Spider, the fourth guy at Trickfactory, does all the wiring and electrical work.

“A lot of really cool people helped with this project and supplied us with some of the best parts available and we just want to thank them all,” Tim said.

Dave now wins many shows with his Mistress and tries to ride her at least once a week.


Trickfactory Customs
102-15 Braid Street
New Westminster, BC
V3L 5N7


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