Wild Rose Tattoo Body Wear

January 1 2008

Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts operates out of Vancouver, BC. These shirts are a fashion statement as well as a conversation piece. The artwork comes from a variety of sources, some in-house and some are purchased from Tattoo Artists around the world. Custom orders can also be produced from your supplied design. Each Tattoo shirt is hand-printed one at a time and is of the highest quality available. After being printed the mesh is tested until the design sits properly on the human form to create the illusion of a perfectly placed tattoo.

The products are shipped around the world to anxiously awaiting customers. Currently Wild Rose has reps across Canada and the U.S. Their website has much detailed information on proper sizing so you can be assured your order will fit. Their website also showcases many different styles from cotton tees to stockings and dresses. Shirts are also available for men.

Wild Rose Tattoo Shirt mesh is a high quality stretchy material that is extremely run resistant, light weight, and comfortable to wear. The cotton tee material is also a very generous fit making for a comfortable all round great feeling.

Contact Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts


604-215-Rose (7673)


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