On Any Sunday

March 1 2008

Original Motorcycling Feel Good Movie Gets Even Better.

A new Director’s Special Edition of the motorcycle classic ‘On Any Sunday’ has been released in a digitally remastered special 2-disc set that is a must-have for anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle, or whoever thought they might want to. It’s the feel-good motorcycle movie that has inspired generations of people to give motorcycling a try.

On Any Sunday, originally released in 1971 by director Bruce Brown, shows that kids, men and women from any walk of life can enjoy time on two wheels. The first DVD released twenty-years later in 1991 had the same impact on a whole new generation and now the 2007 Director’s Cut is destined to do the same. Arguably, On Any Sunday is one of the best movies for the sport of motorcycling that has ever been released.

The movie focuses on many types of motorcycle competition, mostly following Number-1 plate holder Mert Lawwill on his cross-country race circuit travels while trying to remain National champion in the fast and crazy world of dirt-track racing. Also featured in the movie is motorcycle great, Malcolm Smith and actor/motorcycle aficionado, Steve McQueen, who financed the movie.

The movie also touches on road racing, motocross, ice racing, enduro, hill climbing, desert racing, trials, drag racing, sidecar racing and world record attempts at the Bonneville Salt Flats. But don’t let the thought of a racing movie deter you from picking this jewel up. This feel-good movie is more about human interest than racing; it’s a movie you will want to watch again and again.

While director Bruce Brown focuses on the people and the lifestyle of the competition circuit, there are many humourous and whacky scenes that highlight Brown’s uncanny ability to catch the best of people and machine on film. That ability had me grinning from ear to ear for most of the movie.

Disc 2 features many extra segments that the original DVD didn’t have including ‘Sons of Sunday’, some racers and industry executives who became riders as children because of the movie and a behind the scenes with Bruce Brown on the making of the movie.

On Any Sunday is bound to be an important selection in anyone’s DVD library.

On Any Sunday-Director’s Special Edition is available at www.govideomotorsports.com, 519-335-3638. Cost is $24.95.

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