March 1 2008

A garage, or even a garden shed, is the best place for your two-wheeled pride and joy, but not everyone has that luxury. Or maybe you do have a garage, but forget to cover up your ride when it cools down allowing dust to collect on it. With the RideInn you don’t need a garage, garden shed or fear the task of having to scrape melted vinyl from your pipes. You just ride in and pull the cover over.

Setting up the RideInn is easily done in a short afternoon. The RideInn comes in two boxes, one box consists of the structure itself and the remaining box contains the heavy water resistant nylon PVC backed canvas cover. The cover comes in blue, grey and camouflage.

The only tools needed for the complete set-up are two wrenches of proper size or a couple of adjustable wrenches. I used the only tools I had available at the time, an adjustable wrench and a small pair of vise grips. A proper size socket with ratchet and proper size wrench would have been much more convenient and made for a quicker assembly.

The instruction manual included is complete and straightforward, giving a step-by-step sequence of assembly.

While I was assembling the RideInn, I failed to put the side X-member in front and behind their respective connection points (my fault, the manual warns of this), the result didn’t allow the structure to slide easily when closing. After a quick fix, the structure closed easily and smoothly.

It took me 1.75 hours for the assembly, but had I been using the proper size socket and wrench and didn’t have the cross pieces mounted wrong, I could have shaved many minutes off of the assembly time. The instruction manual also says installing the cover is easier with two people, but I assembled this by myself adding to the assembly time. The side of the box and the manual claim an average assembly time of 45 minutes that I think might be a bit shy even if you have put one together in the past.

The RideInn can be bolted to a floor or anchored to any solid surface for security and is lockable. When the ventilated UV resistant cover is pulled over your bike, lawn tractor, ATV or whatever you need covered up, it extends to 130 inches long and measures 6 feet high inside, plenty big enough for any bike. When the cover is pushed back it only takes up a compact 18-inch footprint, not counting the floor rails.

The standard RideInn measures 46 inches wide, but a wider version is available at 58 inches wide for larger vehicles like lawn equipment, ATVs and snowmobiles. RideInn claims the structure can withstand a snow load of over 150 pounds if outdoor winter storage is what you need.

The RideInn lists for $395 – $445 (depending on model and colour) plus shipping, and can be purchased directly through RideInn. That’s a whole lot cheaper than a garden shed or garage.

For more information www.rideinn.ca or call 905-569-1917.


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