Stinger Trailer Adds the ‘Trekker’

March 1 2008

Stinger Trailer Canada Limited is pleased to announce a new product in their line-up.

The Stinger arrow dynamic folding motorcycle trailer There is a new aerodynamic, distinctive and attractive motorcycle cargo trailer on the road! The style, the shape and the lines define the new Trekker.

With its two lids, this user friendly trailer provides excellent cargo access. The chrome spare wheel is located inside the trailer, straight up and always clean. The locking mechanism combine with the two push buttons that activates each lid has been designed to be easy to use, and to maximize the fluidity of the lines. Only the lock is visible.

The TREKKER is being sold in all provinces by Stinger Trailer Canada Limited.

We at Stinger Trailer Canada Limited are excited about this new addition to our product line and we will continue to add well made innovative products to our line up in the years to come and the Stinger Trailer has new lower pricing in effect, now priced at $1995.00 it’s a great time to buy.


Stinger Trailer Canada Limited


Authorized dealer or manufacturer for Stinger Trailer, PeerClear motorcycle windshield wipers,

Rally-Gator Pin Keepers, Steadymate tie-downs and accessories, The Bike Foot & Trekker Trailers

Shown here are the base coloured models, Black and White. Other colours are available at an additional charge.


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