Dynaballs – The Ultimate Wheel Balancing System

May 1 2008

For ten years the Counteract company has been providing transport truck fleets internationally with patented wheel balancing technology and they report major fuel savings of (9%) and extended tire life of (30%).

Starting in 2006 Techsacon Inc. developed application and installation methods for the Motorcycle, Light Truck and SUV markets and are now establishing web site sales and dealer/distributor networks.

After testing various formulations Techsacon chose the Counteract specially processed and coated stainless steel microspheres for their D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) installation kits. Motorcycle users report significantly reduced vibration and like the absence of wheel weights which overcome corrosion problems.

The Science: Dynaballs dynamic balancing beads are specially processed and coated microspheres. When installed inside the tire, the microspheres are distributed around the tire through centrifugal force as the wheel rotates.

As centrifugal force increases, the out-of-balance “heavy” spot increases and pulls the suspension in an up and down motion. The microspheres move in the opposite direction through inertia and rapidly shift until the complete wheel assembly is balanced.

The coated microspheres develop a static charge and cling to the inside of the tire at the out of balance area and will shift through inertia as the tire wears and changes the out of balance position perpetually balancing the complete wheel assembly. Canada Patent #2,216,744 and U.S. Patent # 6,128,952

For further information and installation details, instructions and ordering check out our website at www.thedynaballs.com or call 1-905-681-7582.


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