SAIT Polytechnic Builds Award Winning Chopper

May 1 2008
Award winning chopper by the SAIT Polytechnic School

The Journeyman, a custom chopper designed and built by staff and students at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta claimed “outstanding machine, North American custom radical class” and “best bike engine” awards at the World of Wheels show in Calgary in February.

The project was the brainchild of millwright instructor Richard Burgess as a way to showcase the range of trades and technology programs taught in SAIT’s School of Manufacturing and Automation.

“The popularity of programs such as American Chopper and Orange County Choppers makes the project relevant and intriguing to prospective, as well as current students,” says Burgess. “Staff and students put countless hours into The Journeyman.”

Brad Donaldson, Dean of the School of Manufacturing and Automation, couldn’t be more proud of the many staff and students who contributed to the project. “When the awards were given it was clear the bike had impressed the show organizer, who said, ‘I don’t know how long it took those SAIT boys to build it, but it’s an amazing machine.’ He also singled out some of the parts designed and fabricated by SAIT as something very special,” Donaldson commented.

The Journeyman will now go on display at trade shows and high schools to illustrate programs in the School of Manufacturing and Automation.

SAIT Polytechnic has maintained close association with business and industry to ensure graduate success since 1916. SAIT offers 68 certificate, diploma, and applied degree programs as well as 33 apprenticeship programs, 300 distance education courses and 1,800 continuing education and customized corporate training courses. SAIT offers training in 15 countries around the world and has 75,000 course and program registrants each year.

Eight programs taught at the Institute were involved in the project:

· Welding (frame fabrication)

· Machinist (part fabrication and CNC machining)

· Millwright (drivetrain, alignment and assembly)

· Non-Destructive Testing (X-ray and ultrasonic analysis of parts)

· Mechanical Engineering Technology (design work and stress analysis of frame)

· Automated Systems Engineering Technology (electronics controls)

· Mechanical Design Technology (component design and ergonomics)

· Welding Engineering Technology (weld procedures)

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