Steadymate: Hanging on Every Word

May 1 2008

Larry Harrison, President of Steadymate Canada – the leader in recreational vehicle securement, will go to any measure to prove that Steadymate’s premium tie-downs will out-perform the competition, will exceed regulations and will protect your most prized possessions while in transit. This may explain why Harrison started the New Year by volunteering his own bike to be hung from a forklift by a single “Cinchtite 1” tie-down.

“We wanted to kick start the year by doing something out of the ordinary,” said Harrison. “It’s well known that our products are over-engineered but we wanted to see how strong our tie-downs really are by putting them to the ultimate test. My new bike was parked in the lot so I thought… why not try it on for size?”

Although riders would never risk hanging their bikes by one tie-down, Steadymate wanted to demonstrate to their retailers and loyal customers the strength of their products.

Steadymate recommends that riders use the 4 x 45° rule when they secure their bike for transit – four tie-downs (two in the front and two in the rear), each at a 45° angle to the bike (top to bottom and front to back).

Steadymate offers a complete line of transit solutions for motorcycles (not to mention ATVs and Snowmobiles), helping riders and their bikes get to their destination safely and securely. For motorcycle tie-down tips and professional advice, please visit

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