Adventures Abound

July 1 2008

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Usually an adventure means that you are taking part in something you normally wouldn’t be able to do on a regular basis, maybe something a little daring. After all, if you did it regularly, it wouldn’t be much of an adventure. Because an adventure only happens periodically, they can be dependent on many factors; time and money are the two that come to mind immediately. Generally speaking, it takes time to go to where the adventure is to take place, and it usually takes money to get there.

Other determining factors for a quality adventure is the availability of the appropriate equipment, after all, better tools make for a better job. Experience, or at least an experienced participant to show you the ropes; a little knowledge goes a long way to making anything successful. The ability to adapt to different weather, terrain and people, and probably most of all is the desire to leave behind what you know and head into the unknown.

This might all sound very romantic and maybe extreme, depending on what the particular adventure is, but regardless of the complexity of the escapade at hand, it is invariably different from daily normal life, as we know it.

Stu Seaton’s article, ‘Riding with Stu’, touches on an adventure he will be heading out on this summer. It’s a trip that some riders have done but in the big scheme of things, I’ll bet that not many riders have tackled it.

Stu humorously voices a few concerns of his trip that will begin from his home in Eastern Ontario, to the left coast and then, this is the part that not many in the rider nation have tackled, he turns right and heads to the end of the road into Canada’s far north. His trip will be a two or three part story in future issues of the magazine so I don’t want to give anything away but he will be concentrating on the far northern roads through the Prairie Provinces on his way home.

Women are getting into motorcycling in a big way and they are a major demographic in Canada’s biking scene. Speaking with many men and women during our winter’s travels certainly proves that there are more and more people entering into our great sport of riding motorcycles, and it is obvious that the Canadian female is taking it up with open arms.

Along with our regular contributors, Lesley Gering and Misti Hurst, we also feature a story about a woman who decided to enter into what is normally a man’s profession. Susan Poon, from Edmonton, decided she wanted to become a motorcycle technician. After doing her research, along with a fierce determination to pursue her goals, Susan left the comfort of the life she knew and began her quest, her adventure if you will, for higher education at NAIT in Northern Alberta.

Lou DeVuono sent in an article about a spur of the moment trip into the southern States to take advantage of a nicer climate while the Great White North was still void of decent riding weather.

On the opposite end of the scale, Joe Benning sent in a comical story that went the other way, climate wise. Joe and his friends decided to leave nicer weather and unintentionally ride into weather that wasn’t so motorcycle friendly. Boy, the trials and tribulations some people get themselves into.

Life is, or should be, an adventure, just as Joe, Lou, Susan and Stu speak of in this issue. Misti hit the nail on the head in her story, ‘what is the point of life if you don’t LIVE it?’ Take advantage of the riding season and go out for a day ride, or better yet, plan a weekend ride or longer. If you are new to riding or new to long distance trips, take it easy at first and slowly progress to more hours in the saddle.

Think of some place in your area you have always wanted to go, then pack a tent or make reservations at a Bed and Breakfast and just go. Maybe ask your friends where they have been or if they recommend a particular area, or even more daring, hang a map on the wall and throw a dart at it to choose a destination. No matter how you do it, enjoy the summer on two wheels.

If you do get out for an adventure this summer, feel free to drop me line and let me know where you went and how it was. I’d be most interested to hear about it.

I generally try to get out on at least one major trip during the summer months. By the time you read this I hope to be in Alaska on my own adventure. Well, it’s not really my adventure; I’m merely taking part in a group adventure.

You may remember a story in our May/June issue called Mike and Al’s Big Adventure. Brothers Mike and Al, both of them long time subscribers, approached me at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show in January and mentioned how they both sit down after Christmas dinner and discuss the following years ride. After their brief discussion, Alaska was the chosen destination and at the bike show, these two gentlemen invited me along on their trip. They seemed like nice enough guys and after about ten seconds, if I remember correctly, I accepted. The three of us, along with three of their friends, will make the trek from Edmonton to Alaska and back to Edmonton.

Suzuki Canada was very gracious in lending me a 650 V-Strom for the adventure. The V-Strom is one bike I have wanted to ride since its release and I have heard so many good things about, but for one reason or another, I have never ridden one. I think the V-Strom will be a perfect mount for this Alaska trip.

Stay tuned for more adventurous articles in the coming issues of Motorcycle Mojo.


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