Markus Karalash Joins The Guild of Automotive Restorers

July 1 2008

David Grainger of the Guild of Automotive Restorers (Bradford, Ontario) announced today the creation of a new division to be headed by Markus Karalash. Markus, an award winning motorcycle restorer, will be bringing with him years of restoration experience. Markus’ expertise in restoring motorcycles, his vast historical knowledge and his experience in the founding of the Crocker Motorcycle Company makes him a valuable asset not just for the Guild but for anyone interested in the historical and classic motorcycle.

Markus Karalash started The New Crocker Motorcycle Company in 1997 and the company was incorporated in 1999 as a producer of replacement parts for Crocker enthusiasts around the world.

Markus brings with him not only his extensive knowledge of motorcycle restoration but also 16 years of experience as a marine mechanic and boat builder making him a natural choice to finish the restoration of the Guild’s 1927 Triple Cockpit Racing Boat.

Grainger looks forward to the new division of motorcycle restoration at The Guild. Telephone: 905-775-0499.

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