FXR Racing TK8 Helmet

September 1 2008

FXR Racing, well known for their snowmobile suits and helmets, have taken their years of experience and have applied it to the motorcycle rider by recently releasing the TK8 line of DOT/ECE/SNELL approved full-face motorcycle helmets in four different colour combinations.

The helmet features removable ear pads and cheek pads (different thicknesses are available). Removal of the ear pads allows room for speakers from an MP3 player or communication device, or even just for allowing a bit more room for sliding eyeglasses over your ears. Five different vents built into the helmet ensure adequate ventilation in hot weather.

Taking a page from their snowmobile experience, the TK8 also makes an ideal cold weather helmet as it comes with a ‘breath box’ and in addition to the regular single layer face shield, it also comes with a dual-layer face shield. The breath box attaches with Velcro and has vents that plug directly into the helmet for supplying fresh air and exhausting warm breath. It fits snugly over the nose and cheeks and does not allow your breath to come into contact with the face shield, thus preventing fogging. Likewise, the dual-layer face shield also prevents fogging in cold weather. While I didn’t try the dual-layer shield, I did try the breath box in cold, wet weather and it worked great. The TK8 also has an optional electric face shield avail-able making it a true year-round helmet for all of your favourite motorized activities.

The TK8 is probably one of the most comfortable full-face helmets I have worn and while I did experience some wind noise, it was no more than any other full-face helmet I have tried. The easy-to-use seat belt style strap closure is the easiest closure system I have ever experienced making it a snap (literally) to do up and undo.

The TK8 helmet sells for $159 and is available at Royal Distributing as well as other retail outlets that sell FXR gear. For more information or to find a dealer nearest you, go to www.fxrracing.com. MMM



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