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September 1 2008

Gears Canada Motorcycle cargo bag Gears Canada, innovators in functional motorsport luggage and personal accessories, has developed the Navigator Luggage Tail Bag. The Navigator features 52-litres of storage volume and attaches easily to virtually any sport, sport-touring and adventure-touring motorcycle with a passenger seat and/or luggage rack with a width of 26 cm (10.25 in.) or less. The bottom of the bag is made of anti-slip and anti-scratch material to protect the bike’s seat and any painted surfaces it might come in contact with.

The low-profile Navigator Tail Bag is designed to keep the weight low on the motorcycle and consists of one large compartment with a horseshoe shaped zipper for easy access to all the contents inside. A front pocket that runs the full width of the tail bag has its own zipper, as does the two side compartments that run the full length of the bag on each side. These side comparments hang over each side of the seat when they are full. All compartments are designed to allow easy access to the contents. The zippers are strong with sturdy rubber pulls that are large enough to allow gloved hands to operate them easily when opening and closing.

The bag attaches to the bike with four straps, each with its own cam-buckle. The functional straps are designed to attach pretty much anywhere on the motorcycle. Installation and removal from the bike is trouble-free and accomplished in just a few short minutes. I used this bag for two weeks during my travels through the Yukon to Anchorage, Alaska, installation took less than two-minutes each morning on my Suzuki 650 V-Strom, and the side pockets didn’t interfere with bike’s hard bags. The Navigator detaches quickly and has a convenient rubber carry handle for trouble-free transport at the end of the riding day.

Two extra straps are provided with the Navigator that use standard plastic side-release buckles that attach to the top of the bag, offering optional carrying capabilities to attach larger bulky items like a tent, bed roll or roll bag for instance. Also provided is a criss-cross of adjustable bungee cord running the full length of each side for yet more storage options. A rain cover is standard with the Navigator Tail Bag and conveniently stores in one of the bags pockets.

The only addition I thought of that would make it a little more convenient would be to have six ‘D-rings’ sewn onto it to hold a standard bungee net.

Overall, the bag is well designed and very practical. It’s easy to use on a daily basis and holds plenty of gear for two or more weeks on the road. The bag has already been used by other staff members and is proving to be the luggage of choice around here. Suggested retail price is $89.99

I highly recommend this bag and at that price, the Navigator Tail Bag offers outstanding value for the money and a real bargain that would be hard to beat. MMM

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