The New Sealed Weatherproof OptiMate 4

September 1 2008

Weatherproof battery charger for motorcycles Like all OptiMate models before it, the microprocessor controlled OptiMate 4 can save neglected batteries, but the OptiMate 4 is even more effective, with a new dual-stage recovery + turbo recovery desulfating action. For neglected deep-discharged batteries the recovery mode engages automatically, while the turbo recovery mode engages for more severely neglected batteries. Like all other OptiMates, the OptiMate 4 then charges the battery, verifies that the battery is as fully charged as its basic state of health allows, and then checks for and detects dead battery cells. But, the most important attribute of the OptiMate 4, as with all OptiMates, is the safe, optimal maintenance of your battery during long term storage, achieved by its gentle maintenance cycle which automatically allows the battery to rest for 30 minutes of each hour of the maintenance cycle while it remains connected.

MSRP : $69.90

Ideal for all 12V lead-acid batteries up to 50Ah.

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