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November 1 2008

Super Magazine! I am 66-years-old and started riding only last year. I’ve just returned from Calgary and Edmonton with friends on a 7800 km bike ride.
Garnett Birney


Hi Folks,
Bigger and Better! Would you consider a page to list coming events—racing, rides, gatherings, etc.
All the best,
Dan Rudka

Hi Dan,
When we first started out, 6 years ago we did just that, but we soon realized there are way more events than we had ever imagined. What we do now is allow people to enter events free of charge on our website in their appropriate province. You then have, at your fingertips, events across Canada. It couldn’t be any easier, unless of course you don’t have access to a computer. Then you need to rely on your friends to steer you in the right direction.
Thanks for you input Dan.
Sincerely Gwen


Glenn, Gwen and team,
I let my subscription lapse with the intention of renewing at last year’s motorcycle show at the International Centre in Toronto. For whatever reason I missed your booth and forgot all about it, that was until this month.
During a trip to my local bookstore I was browsing the magazine rack and picked up your September/October 2008 issue. The articles reminded me of what I was missing. As a V-Strom owner I’ve enjoyed many kms and enjoyed reading about Glenn’s trip to Alaska. I’m looking forward to the article on your return trip.
I’ve renewed my subscription and look forward to the next issue.
Keep up the good work!
Geoff Pooler


To The Editor
I have only been getting your magazine for a year and even if I had no interest in bikes the articles make it special reading. The Roadgypsy did a piece last November about me and the old man’s bike I am riding (an MP3) and you kindly put in an ad about the book I had written. The mail for the next few weeks kept me busy and each month you still put that bit in about my book and I am still getting a few requests each month. Last month one from Afghanistan. This last issue, with the article about travelling the Alaska Highway brought back memories from a trip in 1979 with a highway coach and the only passenger was my wife. Only 200 miles of it was paved and very narrow in some places, going through a construction zone very slowly and watching the road roll up in front of the wheels and knowing that if I had to stop it was a long way down in the mud. The pictures in the article tell me that it is still a beautiful drive. In ‘79 they sprayed the road with calcium to keep the dust down and we met two riders from Germany at Liard Hot Springs that had been down several times and both the bikes and their jackets showed it.
I still enjoy riding every day the sun shines and a big THANK YOU for mentioning my book each issue.
Harry Watts, The Dispatch Rider


Hi Glenn,
Thought I’d drop you a note and say how much I enjoyed your review of the DL-650 V-Strom.
I got mine in ‘04 and I remain amazed at how reliable and competent the bike is over such a range of conditions. I’ve now ridden mine in four long rallies: two 11,000-mile Iron Butts and two 7,000-mile Buttlites. In addition, I’ve done the 49-state ride (in 8 days) and lots of other shorter rallies and adventures.
Often during these rides I’ve ridden side-by-side with the likes of the FJR and ST 1300s, and a host of various BMWs. The Wee never has a hint of difficulty keeping up with these guys.
All I’ve ever done to this bike is change oil, tires and and chains (I get an easy 25,000 miles out of a chain). I did have to get a new fuel pump once after taking on a load of VERY bad gas, or good water, at a station in Edmonton. The pump didn’t fail, but developed a whine. I have not had to adjust the valves yet, and I’m at 75,000 miles.
The wind buffeting issue can be addressed by moving the windshield, as you found, but a guaranteed fix is the addition of a bracket that was invented for this bike, and adapted to some others, by a small family business called MadStad. The bracket it inexpensive and allows you to adjust the height and tilt of the shield over an infinite range. You dial in the perfect height and angle to solve the problem.
We’ve also found a few other things to help fit the bike to the rider a little better, but stock is pretty darn good. Some of us use bar risers (Gen-Mar, for example), wind guards for our hands, custom seats and so forth. I also installed HID bulbs in the factory reflectors, and man, it’s amazing.
Hey, last I heard, Vladimir is somewhere south of China, making his way westward toward Belarus. He tried to get into China this spring, but last I heard they wouldn’t let him.
Take care.
Jim Winterer, St. Paul, Minnesota


In the article 2008 650 V-Strom, it said 5.63 L/100 km is 55.7 mpg. While the conversion for the other number is correct, 4.49 L/100 km is actually 63 mpg 5.63 L/100 km is actually 50.2 mpg.
The conversion factor is 282.481, 282.4809 if you want it more exactly. Divide that number by L/100 km to get mpg. Divide the same number by mpg to get L/100 km.
Richard Dinning


Hi Glenn, I stumbled across your magazine via a link in a Suzuki DL650 forum. Last night I downloaded the latest issue, and this evening I’ll subscribe to the hard copy.
Great magazine for real motorcycle riders. My summer motorcycle trip has taken me into western Canada three times in the last four years, so I’m becoming quite familiar with the western part of your beautiful country.
Thanks for the test of the Suzuki V-Strom 650 as I’m thinking about purchasing this bike in a couple of months. Your test confirms all the good things I’ve read about this motorcycle.
Also, thanks for converting the metric measurements to inches and gallons for us old guys who aren’t comfortable with the new-fangled metric way of looking at things. However, I detected an error in the conversion for one of the fuel mileage figures: 5.63L/100 KM translates to 50.2 miles per (Imperial) gallon, not the 55.7 shown in the article. The conversion for the best tank calculation of 63 mpg Imperial (4.49L/100 km) is correct.
At first I thought the fuel consumption numbers were except-ional, given that you said you were moving along at high speed much of the time, but then I realized that you were converting to Imperial gallons and not the smaller US variety.
Peter Akraboff, San Francisco, CA

Hi Peter, I can’t slip anything by my readers.You are the third one to catch my mistake. I always use an internet conversion site that has never let me down. After the first reader called me on it, I checked my calculations once again and I agree I messed up. I can try to blame it on fat fingers and a small keyboard but the end result is my mistake. I don’t know if it originated while entering the info into the conversion site, me typing it wrong in the article or my dyslexia? All of which could cause the problem. Thanks for checking up on me.
BTW – In my mind, you can’t go wrong with the V-Strom. It is an amazing all-round bike. Good luck in your possible purchase. Take Care and Ride Safe Peter
Sincerely Glenn


I just returned from a 2 week Sudbury to California and back jaunt aboard my old 1984 FJ1100. Fantastic Ride! Mountains, Oceans, Route 66, Grand Canyon, Black Hills, and Rushmore are all cool. Endless fields of corn and 90 mile per hour transports lose their appeal pretty quick. East coast next year! Get on your bike and ride. Ed


Good Afternoon, I received my first issue of Motorcycle Mojo and enjoyed it greatly. Once I picked it up I could not put it down. Road trip north to Alaska was very informative as well as enjoyable. I found the magazine very good reading as well as lot of information. Thanks,
Dixon Jackson, Arnprior, ON


To the Editors of Motorcycle Mojo:
I received a copy of your magazine from a friend in late June. I was in the hospital at the time recuperating from an accident I had on my motorcycle. I was a victim of the typical car making an improper left hand turn. The car driver was charged, I am told, although I have no memory of the accident and I was left seriously injured. I have a broken pelvis, broken Femur, head injuries and a broken cheekbone.
I started looking at your magazine and ended up reading it from cover to cover. They layout and quality is excellent, as well as the articles. I found the article by Stu Seaton “Conspicuous by Design” of much interest. I will be adding extra lighting to my bike (‘08 H-D Fatboy) when I get it back from the repair shop and am able to ride again. I also liked the article by Ken Rush “Giving In”. I am also giving in to the idea of a windshield. I’m now 50 years old and comfort over style is starting to win out!
Again thanks for the great Canadian Motorcycle Magazine and the excellent service. I just got my second issue and enjoyed it as much as the last one. I read it all in one day. Keep up the great work! John Griffin


Hi and thank you for supporting our troops.
I just finished reading about The Red Ride and I would like to get in touch with Brian Muntz, responsible for the ride. I retired from the Air Force after 23 years, my wife was serving for 7 1/2 years and we now have four of our seven children serving, so this means a lot to me.
I would really appreciate any information you can provide me.
Thank you and I will also send you my notes on a trip that took us all the way down Route 66 and a complete trip including Sturgis totalling 13,500 km. Looking forward to hear from you.


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