The Custom Painting Idea Book

November 1 2008

The Custom Painting Idea Book by renowned custom painter JoAnn Bortles, may just be the most comprehensive guide to custom painting on bookshelves today. This book is written for both novices and experts alike and is the must-have companion for vehicle owners looking to custom paint. From hot rods to choppers to pick-up trucks, this book has it all and with nearly 800 beautiful colour photos in this 160-page book, the possibilities for inspiration and ideas are endless.

For vehicle owners with little or no knowledge of custom painting, this book teaches which style, technique, or scheme will suit the unique demands of the vehicle and budget. Text and imagery about color, design, and how they work together are instrumental in building the foundation for this craft. Readers will learn how to select the right painter for their project, how to communicate with that painter throughout the paint process and what to expect throughout the experience. For experts in the custom painting arena, this book is a uniquely valuable resource.

Chapters cover such important topics as what makes a great paint job, determining the right colour for your project, the right type of graphics and design; flames, old paint styles and the list goes on.

This book also contains artwork from some of the most respected custom painters in North America, including some work from Canadian master painters Fitto and Goodeve.

The average hot rod or custom bike owner is going to spend thousands on their paint. Maybe the first step before you spend all that cash is to pick up a copy of The Custom Painting Idea Book. Whether hiring a painter or doing the job yourself, turn to this book for a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t.

This book is the first in a new series from Motorbooks called the Idea Book Series.

The Custom Painting Idea Book is published by MBI Publishing Company and is available at Chapters/Indigo for $19.10. ISBN – 13:9780760331699

Custom Painting Idea Book


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