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December 1 2008


There are many great teams that have worked together, producing equally great things; John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for example. Donnie Dort of Dragon Powder Coating and Paul Walsh of CPN Custom Design are one such team working together and making their own mark on the custom motorcycle world.

Working from his shop in Saint John, New Brunswick, Paul Walsh manufactures custom and replacement parts for motorcycles or anything on wheels, whether it’s a master cylinder cover or an inspection cover, all are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. Paul can also take those original parts from that classic ride you have been working on and easily dress them up with CNC engraved designs and logos. With over 30 years experience, Paul has what it takes to turn plain metal into a work of art. “If it’s metal, I can engrave it.”

At Dragon Powder Coating, Donnie Dort is pushing the envelope when it comes to custom powder coating. Big enough to tackle any powder coating job, but small enough to offer the best in customer service. With a 12-foot oven, Donnie designed his shop for custom work, not cookie cutter assembly line products. Whether it’s a full motorcycle frame or something as small as a nut and bolt, Donnie will powder coat it. “I really hate to see a beautiful custom part with a rusty nut and bolt holding it in place.”

A common misconception is the lack of colours available in powder coating, Donnie is doing his part to dispel the myth. “Most of the people I meet think powder coating only comes in a couple of colours but, in fact, it is available in over 100 colours including candy colours, wrinkles, metallic or illusions. The illusions turn different colours as the piece is viewed from different angles. And yes, even powder clear to make these coloured powders look as if they are sitting below glass.”

Together, Paul’s CNC work and Donnie’s skills at powder coating makes for some totally unique parts. “Many times Donnie has powder coated a part, then I cut the design and then it goes back to Donnie to be either clear coated, or we apply one of Donnie’s Illusion colours.” Paul continues, “We also regularly cut the designs, then wipe off the excess so the recessed engraving is coloured, then Donnie puts on the clear to ensure it all is protected.”

Paul has had some of his work featured in Hot Bike, Motorcycle Mojo, Canadian Biker, Northern Rider, CMT-The Chopper Chronicles with the Roadhammers and Biker TV. Even The Dutch Mason Blues Festival and Motorcycle Lifestyle Show appreciated the skill of the duo. When they needed trophies, it was Paul and Donnie who answered the call. The biker community appreciates the best and CPN Custom Design and Dragon Powder Coating is the only way to go. “When it comes to custom work, bikers are way ahead of the rest. If you have a vision, don’t be afraid to ask, we can make it happen.”

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