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December 1 2008


Custom built chopper by Precision FrameworxOne common thread that binds all motorcycle related shops, whether a builder, technician or painter, is the love of motorcycles and the desire to be the absolute best possible. Precision Frameworx of Calgary, Alberta is no different. Brent Robertson established Precision Frameworx in 1999 and offers everything from oil changes on American V-Twins, modifications to stock bikes, performance engine work and swaps, to full blown custom motorcycles.

Precision Frameworx has shown consistent growth and today is proud to be Canada’s largest aftermarket shop with over 15,000 sq. ft. of service, fabrication, machine shop, showroom, lounge, paint shop and R&D area. Their average year produces about 30-32 custom motorcycles priced between $25,000 and $50,000. Two of Precision Frameworx’s most respected builds are the ‘Dragon Slayer’ and ‘Precision’.

Dragon Slayer is a 300mm tire softail with a 6-over Black Ice front end. Precision Frameworx’s in house custom manufactured frame cradles a 120 Thug Motor with a 6-speed RSD and tranny brake. A pair of Slayer rims with Metzeler tires rolls the Dragon Slayer to the next battle. The paint was designed and produced in-house and features a barbarian vixen meeting her match on the front fender, then traveling to the gas tank for the battle scene. The rear fender displays the double side axe that slew the beast and also acts as the tail and brake lights.

Precision is a 300 series Rigid with a 6-over Goldammer front-end, polished 120 cubic inch Engenuity motor with a 6-speed RSD and tranny brake. Widow Maker rims with Metzeler tires get things rolling. Precision Frameworx’s in-house custom work shines on this bike with a manufactured frame, custom seat, tank, fenders and custom handlebars featuring concealed wiring. The battery is placed under the transmission, and the juice flows to in-frame LED rear lights. Stainless steel hard oil lines and an oil bucket built into the rear fender keeps the oil flowing.

The award winning Precision Frameworx chopperBrent also saw a need to create a custom styled motorcycle that would be easy to register and insure while still offering great value. “My vision was to have a reliable motorcycle with all the chrome and horsepower that is required on a custom but still be affordable to the average Joe.” To answer the call Brent created the Thug Motorcycle Company.

Brent has been working on this project since 2003. “Several pro-street models were initially designed for both the R&D and road test processes. After re-engineering some components that did not meet our expectations, we once again went through the R&D and road testing. The models were then torn down for assessment and evaluation. We then looked at the models to ensure that they were easy and accessible from a service and repair standpoint.”

Once the models were set, the time came for DOT and CSA approvals. “Funny thing is Canada doesn’t have a testing facility for the whole process so we loaded up the bikes and headed south for testing. The test models were there for 6-months, we had to travel there a couple of times to make some changes to the engine and exhaust, but we finished up the DOT, CSA and EPA testing and headed home.”

Thug Motorcycles can now offer a quality product, while ensuring the initial value and style remained from the original vision. All Thug Motorcycle models feature a base 100 cubic inch motor with a 6-speed transmission mated to a 3″ BDL primary. A 2-into-1 SuperTrapp exhaust gives the bike the necessary tone, while chrome 4-piston HHI brakes front and rear slow things down. Chrome HHI smooth triple trees with deuce chrome lower legs and 80-spoke billet hubs grace the front and rear rims with Metzeler tires, and the list of quality parts go on. “Engines may be upgraded in both size and finish; tire/rim size and style may be upgraded along with your choice of paint. All models come with a standard 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.” Brent continued, “This is a true testament of the commitment that we have made to bring a top notch quality product to the market, while ensuring that the initial value and style remained.” Thug models start at $24,995 and financing is available. The Thug dealer network is expanding and new dealers are wanted.

“At Precision Frameworx, inner force seeks outward creativity, we have no competition.”

Precision Frameworx
Thug Motorcycle Company
Bay 74, 5329 – 72nd Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2C 4X5


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