Touring Creation

December 1 2008


“All our bikes are unique,” is a bold statement for any builder to make in the competitive world of chopper building. Every builder can make the statement, but when push comes to shove, can they back up their words? Alain Tourigny of Touring Creation, in Saint-Louis de Blandford, Québec, not only makes the statement, his Apocalypse chopper is all the back up he needs.

A career as a bike builder started for Alain in much the same way many of the other greats in the business got their start. “I started in an automotive body shop,” Alain explains, “I took all the courses to obtain the class ‘A’ painter and color matching certification.” Alain not only obtained his certification, he graduated with honours–a claim not many can make. “Now I teach other painter sales reps in the market.”

The decision to make the move to chopper building came after a customer made a request for a major modification on his bike. Now with seven years of custom building under his belt, Touring Creation made the only logical move a custom builder could make. Alain stepped up and entered his Apocalypse chopper in the 2008 Canadian Biker Build Off.

Starting with a Rolling Thunder frame, Alain installed a 100 ci Ultima Bruto power plant. The power gets to the ground through a Trickshift RSD 6‑speed transmission and a 3″ Belt Drive Ltd. primary. The bike rolls on a pair of Avon tires while a set of American Suspension forks smooth things out.

Dressing up the bike is where Alain’s custom work really shines. Working with fiberglass, Alain built a lot of the pieces himself; the front and rear fenders are molded by Alain and the oil pan cover is his own design. Many other parts dressing things up were machined by Alain as well. “When I began this project I wanted to keep the futurist line and aggressive look of the bike, while keeping in mind it will be ridden by a woman.”

When it came time to give the bike its paint scheme, Alain relied on his colour matching skills to get a very unique colour. “The blue colour on this bike came from a fish I saw while scuba diving in the ocean,” Alain explains, “It was an amazing reflective blue and I was able to copy this colour for the bike.”

The airbrush work was done by Daniel Turcotte of Dotel Air Brush in St-Leonard d’Aston, Québec and was painted to represent the end of the world based on the predictions made by Nostradamus. “The person who puts their ass on this bike will be the one to survive the apocalypse.”

When push came to shove, Alain put his money where his mouth was and the Apocalypse chopper stepped up and took home first place at the 2008 Canadian Biker Build off. “Every where I take this bike, it always draws a crowd. My mission is to fabricate a quality bike with a custom look that is not only rideable, but competitively priced.”

Alain can definitely talk the talk and walk the walk. “When our customer parks their Touring Creation chopper, anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter, you can recognize our work. All our bikes are unique.”

Touring Creation
195 Rang 1, Saint-Louis de Blandford, Québec G0Z 1B0

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