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December 1 2008


Trickfactory Customs has never classified itself as a chopper shop or a hot rod shop, just a custom shop where on any given day it’s not uncommon to have a chopper, a Ducati and a 5 Series BMW pass through the door. “We would classify ourselves as motorsports guys before bikers, but given a choice, I would ride everyday,” said Tim Lajambe. Tim and business partner Rob Mosser have been Trickfactory Custom’s driving force since their inception about four years ago.

Were it not for a very persistent customer, Trickfactory Customs may never have built a single chopper. “Most of our customizing was focused on sportbikes and cars, but after working on a customer’s Porsche, he really wanted us to build him a bike.” The bike, now known as the ‘Phoenix’, was the first ground-up custom for Trickfactory Customs. “When we started this bike, we really knew nothing about building a chopper or a custom Harley, and I’m not embarrassed to say we invested a lot of money and time in instructional videos and books.”

The sheet metal for this bike was Trickfactory’s first attempt at forming. With a background in heavy-duty steel fabrication and welding, sheet metal was a whole new game. “So was building to someone else’s vision. Luckily for us, all these steep learning curves happened to us with the very first customer. If we knew then what we know now, we may have referred him to another shop.”

When the Phoenix was finished, Trickfactory took it to the first ever Canadian Biker Build Off in Ontario. Not only was this the Phoenix’s debut, it was also Trickfactory’s very first major bike show. Placing a respectable sixth place overall, the boys at Trickfactory were pleased with their accomplishments for their first time competing. “We considered it a complete success. Unfortunately the owner of the bike viewed it as a failure, and his entire opinion of the bike changed. There was just something about the bike he no longer liked and he couldn’t explain it,” Tim said.

After much negotiation a deal was set; Trickfactory would build the customer a new bike and they would keep the original Phoenix. All the running gear was transferred to another frame with sheet metal the customer chose, “He left a happy customer with a bike that his friends would be able to recognize all the parts from various catalogues so they could pat him on the back for making good choices.”

The original Phoenix kicked around the shop as all the parts and pieces were gathered. “Paco Don cut our wheels and risers and a few other bits and pieces on the CNC.

Painter Troy Leplante, who does amazing work, and our tattoo artist Clint Danroth devised the bike’s beautiful Phoenix theme.”

This present incarnation is the very first Trickfactory bike built to their vision. “We didn’t let money deter us, if we couldn’t afford to do what we wanted, we just waited till we could afford the next step,” commented Tim. “The engine is a 120 Ultima with a Trick Shift 6-speed tranny. We made everything else like the sheet metal, pipes, handlebars, wheels, pulleys, risers and grips and a whole bunch of other cool little things. We even designed our own Schrader valve to fill the tires to we could hide the valve stems.”

Trickfactory has certainly left their mark in the custom bike arena winning many Canadian, as well as International, awards for their tricked-out customs.

The Phoenix of mythology symbolizes rebirth, like its mythical brethren, this bike rose from the ashes of its predecessor. “This bike will stay with us till the end.”

Trickfactory Customs
102-15 Braid Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 5N7


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