Family Jewels

Photos by Bill MacKenzie
January 1 2009


Being an ex-fireman I am a member at large of the Red Knights. In my retirement I have gone on what we call–The Grand Tours–for every 12 Fire Stations visited and a picture of me and my bike taken with the station in the background, I receive a certificate and pin. I have just received my 10th certificate which means I have been to over 120 stations, possibly the most in Ontario, maybe in Canada.

My ride is a Honda Rune 1832 cc. A lot of my friends also ride and quite often one is along with me as the photographer.

I’ve been on and off many different bikes for 50 years, enclosed is a picture of a Francis Barnett when I was 14 years old. There was a 1945 Harley, 500 English Panther, 650 Yamaha, Goldwing, VTX 1800, now the Rune.


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