Looking to the Future

Story by Glenn Roberts// Photos by Glenn Roberts
March 1 2009


If 2008 was any indication of what is to come; I sure am looking forward to 2009. While the regular things like house and yard maintenance suffered, I got to see a lot more of North America than I could ever have imagined in one riding season. From Alaska to Newfoundland then on to Texas with a good measure of North Carolina, Tennessee and Milwaukee thrown in and all points in between that my front tire led me.

To top it all off, two days into the New Year, we were honoured to have received a MAX Award (Motorcycle Award of Excellence) for our Canadian Custom Showcase Special Editions One and Two. The MAX Awards are considered the Oscars of the Canadian Motorcycle Industry. We are proud to say that this is the third MAX Award we have received in six-years and we couldn’t have done it without our internal crew here at the magazine, Liz, David, Roger, Joyce, Theresa, Trish and our extended crew of writers, show staff, printers and distributors that are spread out across the country. Most importantly I have to thank our readers and our advertisers, without either of you, we wouldn’t be here.

While there is some grumbling about the economy, we as Canadians are managing things pretty good when you look at the big picture. As we continue to keep our money circulating in Canada, we are showing that we support our economy and are helping to maintain stability for our Canadian business partners.

If the 2009 motorcycle show season is any indicator, the Canadian motorcycle industry seems to be holding its own. Attendance seems to be comparable to the previous season and many of the dealers have been making sales that match last year’s numbers. Manufacturer’s representatives have been heard to say, “What recession?”, when it comes to motorcycle sales.

If one listens intently to the radio, T.V. and reads newspapers, the words coming out of the United States are doom and gloom, but we in Canada seem to be coping quite well. I applaud those who continue to buy Canadian when you can and to support our Country’s future.

Finding an item on the internet with an unbelievable price is so easy these days but in many cases you have no idea where it is being shipped from. When you tack on shipping, handling, dollar exchange and customs charges on top of the price, you are probably not any better off than buying from a local dealer or Canadian manufacturer in the first place. So remember to check out your favourite shop during the upcoming riding season, you might be surprised at what you can find.

As I write this, I haven’t given much thought yet as to where my tires will take me this year. With many bikes on my list to review and a daughter that will be begging to tag along on her bike, my riding season may be more of a father/daughter adventure where we both discuss the options, figure how much time we can take off work and go from there. I do know another trip to Alaska will be on my list during the next couple of years, and there are still so many roads less traveled than I would like to mention.

With producing eight issues this year, there is more work to do, but on the other hand there are more stories that need to be written and what better way to write them than to experience them firsthand.

If you have any suggestions of a trip you would like to read about, send your thoughts in. Stu and I are both open for suggestions. Send them to gwen@motorcyclemojo.com (so she can keep track of them) or log into www.motorcyclemojo.com and contact us that way. MMM



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