Sweet Dreams

Story by Stu Seaton//
March 1 2009

There seems to have been much ado about the past Christmas season and New Years, whoo-hoo! Let’s watch the ball drop… ZZZZ, sorry, was I slobbering? Kiss me and put me to bed.

Personally, there’s a more important date to me that’s just a tad prior to when the fat guy tries to avoid getting his butt stuck in a chimney. December 21, that’s my day. Winter solstice; from then on the days get longer and all us riders that are tattooed with two red bars on each side of a proud Maple Leaf begin to get itchy bits of anatomy. Strange things happen during this time period. Personally I blame it all on the aurora borealis, I swear it’s more powerful than a Hondaharleyammizuki.

I look towards my shop and think, ‘what does my bike need?, what’s it crying out for? Ooooh yeah, that custom saddle and the little gizmo that holds the whatcha–ma–callit. Titanium, I need Titanium, somewhere, I’m sure’. Priorities; get ‘em straight fer cryin’ out loud! The battery tender has been spot on, I have fuel stabilizer in the tank, oil’s fresh, tires are about ten pounds more than normal and I have a piece of carpet under the front wheel. Resist hitting the starter button. Honest. Next question: where to go? 360 degrees and how far is up for grabs. Get Mr. Rand McNally out. Yup, there are some serious decisions to be made over the kitchen table.

I know that some of our Southern riding brethren may think us Northern riders are completely nuts, but from where I stand, that is a simple untruth and given enough beer I will argue the point ad–nauseum. We have it over them. We get the time for a superb moment of pause. We get to plan, anticipate and dream of roads yet to be carved. Those 365-day riders can only wish for that, because riding under those circumstances becomes a ho–hum commute, not a ride. You might as well buy a mini–van. Besides, if worse comes to worse, that’s what they make passports and trailers for. I also think you can get a prescription for that.

We also have lots of motorcycle shows. If you can’t find what you want at those things, well then you really don’t need it. Shows also give you time to dream of where to go and what to go there with. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gazed at an accessory and re–prioritized my upcoming season.

Last year I tried for the far north, darn near did it all the way too, but this year I’m kind of discombobulated as to where I should point the front wheel. Curtis King and the GS gang at BMW Durham want me to embarrass myself in Cabo St. Lucas and I may just do that trip, I need the vitamin D and quite probably a medic. Other than that, I’m not sure. My smarter half is now riding her own bike and she wants to wind up some serious numbers on the clock. I can’t say as I blame her because that’s one sweetheart of a bike she rides. So where to go? Books written by Max Burns, Ted Simons and one called The Lonely Planet beckon. Videos like Long Way Down polish up ideas into realities. What the heck, I may just stay local and really see what’s under our noses. I always find those trips intriguing, or we can just head off in no particular direction and follow the best advice of Environment Canada. Hmmm. See what a good interlude can do?

So what do you suggest? Should we schmooze locally or go afar? Where are you planning on going? Let me know because Canada is calling and I want to see it, smell it, feel it and absorb the most magnificent country in the world… even if we do have a wee pause during the winter.

Ride Safe. Ride (very) Far, Stu



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