13 Port Dover – A Photo Journal

May 1 2009

They say that every picture tells a story and there really is no reason to doubt that statement, especially after looking at a photo journal book based solely on Canada’s largest biker event, Friday the 13th in Port Dover, Ontario.

Port Dover is a small fishing village with a population of about 5,500; but swells to an estimated 150,000 motorcycle enthusiasts if the weather gods are on our side.

While I seem to have somewhat of an aversion to huge crowds and have neglected to attend a Friday the 13th for a few years now, leafing through 13 Port Dover – A Photo Journal brings back a flood of memories.

Award winning photographer Kal Commodore has taken a decade to shoot, assemble and compile this beautiful hardcover coffee table book, exposing the diversity of the visitors to Port Dover on Friday the 13th.

Images range from a sea of humanity walking the downtown core to dogs as passengers and children waving at passing riders just pulling into town. From Crotch-rockets to Choppers to Scooters and everything in between there is more chrome and paint than you can shake a stick at.

Kal has done a great job of tastefully capturing the essence of what Friday the 13th in Port Dover is all about. The book contains 300 quality photographs with a few quotes thrown in the mix on 176 pages. And what’s more, proceeds from the sale of the book help support the Norfolk Youth Children’s Association.

ISBN 978-0-9809316-0-0. The book can be found at www.aphotojournal.ca for $44.95. MMM


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