Hogtunes HF-1 Dash Trim and Tweeter Pod

May 1 2009

Hogtunes once again adds a noteworthy addition to your riding pleasure. Add this new set of Hogtunes tweeters where they really count, directly in front of you. The original speaker locations are great for bass and mid-range, but now Hogtunes has found another way to enhance the challenges of the stock system’s speaker placement. While bass and mid-range notes travel around the handlebars, levers, cables and the master cylinder, high-frequency sounds bounce off these obstacles, which impair the full potential of your stereo. This brand new kit from Hogtunes has the tweeters positioned right in front of you with nothing in the way, delivering a new level of clarity rarely heard on a motorcycle.

The Dash Trim/Tweeter Pod kit includes mounting hardware, no-brainer plastic drilling template marked ‘clutch side’ and ‘brake side’, plug-N-play wiring and decorative chrome trim.

Installation is easy. After the removal of the outer fairing, it’s just a matter of drilling four holes as prescribed by the template, run the wires, screw the pod to the fairing and plug the wires into the existing speakers. It’s about a 10-minute job once the outer fairing is removed.

The kit fits all 1998 to current FLH “Batwing” models and works with any stock system, any Hogtunes system, or any FLH with a car radio. The tweeter pod matches the stock “satin black” finish of the inner fairing and is easily disassembled for painting. It comes with see-through grills that can be painted or chromed, and includes a second set of grills covered in cloth to match the factory speaker grills.

As expected from all Hogtunes products, the HF-1 Dash Trim/Tweeter Pod delivers a significant improvement in sound. For more information call 705-719-6361 or visit www.hogtunes.com.


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