Watson Glove Company Offers New Riding Glove – “The Knuckle Duster”

May 1 2009

Canada’s 91-year-old Watson Glove Company has just announced a new product called the ‘Knuckle Duster’ to join its line-up of motorcycling gloves.

The Knuckle Duster is constructed from full grain cowhide leather (1.0 – 1.2 mm thick) and uses poly cotton thread, with reinforcing in wear areas for added strength and durability. The adjustable Velcro closure ensures a snug fit and stiff cuffs offer wrist coverage while the hard shell knuckle insert provides added protection in critical wear/impact areas.

The soft jersey lining make this glove a versatile choice as they are very cozy and offer protection from the nippy spring and fall temperatures, but also for those cool nights throughout the summer. Despite the additional bulk of the insulating liner, the Knuckle Duster still offers good control feel and gel pad palms help to keep hand-numbing vibrations at bay, making for a more comfortable ride.

Ever regret purchasing cheap, no-name leather products shipped from distant shores that turn out to be just that – cheap? Thirty or forty bucks might seem like a great deal till they tear within a week, or get wet and stain your hands for days due to substandard materials and processing.

Alternately, Watson Gloves’ “Knuckle Duster” offer well thought-out design features and high quality materials so they must be expensive right? Well – no. With a suggested retail cost of just $90.00, one can feel happy that they are purchasing a high quality, versatile glove that will give years of service and is made right here in Canada. www.watsongloves.com


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