Draggin Jeans

June 1 2009

A pair of Draggin Jeans motorcycle clothing

Do you regularly go riding with uncomfortable, bulky nylon or textile gear, or chaps that offer no butt protection? Or worry when you are riding with regular jeans that they are just not strong enough should anything unforeseen happen?

Worry no more. Draggin Jeans look and feel like regular jeans, but incorporate Kevlar in the butt, hip, thigh and knee areas.

Draggin Jeans, an Australian-owned company that began in 1997, stitches hi-tech soft knitted Kevlar protection into not only their jeans, but also many styles of clothing for men and women. Kevlar, of course, is the main ingredient of bullet-proof vests for police and military forces around the world.

While I had heard of Draggin Jeans, I had never tried them and just assumed that any type of substance that will stop bullets must be stiff and uncomfortable. Well, my mind was changed as soon as I tried them on.

The Kevlar in the jeans is thin, flexible and soft, even directly against your skin. As an added bonus, that little bit of Kevlar acts as a bit a cushion between you and your bike seat and just might make those long rides a little more comfortable on the derrière.

I am always the skeptic until I actually see something work, so I logged on to www.dragginjeans.net and clicked on the ‘Product Testing’ tab on the left menu. The video that ensues–a guy being dragged on his butt down a dragstrip at 135 km/h and 300 metres–made a believer out of me. I am also told that many Hollywood stuntmen use these jeans while at work on the set if there is any chance of being dragged by a vehicle.

I haven’t tried, and hopefully won’t have the opportunity to try, sliding on my butt down a stretch of pavement, but knowing that extra layer of bullet-proof material is between me and the tarmac when I need it certainly is reassuring.

Kevlar is a man-made fibre that is non-abrasive, breathable and flexible. It is said to be five times stronger than steel–pound for pound—and flame resistant up to 400°C.

The front pockets are shallower than I am used to and the legs are long so they will fit most sizes, so finding someone to hem them up would be helpful, but the bottom line is, these comfortable jeans are definitely made for riding. Draggin Jean prices are in the $200 range, not bad considering the daily protection they offer.

Go to www.dragginjeans.net to find a dealer in your area, and don’t forget to watch the Product Testing video.


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