Metrix Audio Comes Out with Versatile Handlebar Speakers

August 1 2009

Under Hogtunes’ secondary brand name “Metrix Audio”, the MA-2 is a universal amplifier handlebar mounted speaker system that can be used on motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles etc. The system features 2” custom designed speakers in chromed “bullet” cabinets powered by a “hideaway” 50-watt amplifier with MAXXBASS®, a circuit that makes the speakers seem larger (fuller) than a 2” speaker would normally sound.

The supplied audio device “perch” clamps to handlebars and has a built-in digital volume control, and the built-in charge-only USB port can be used to supply power to, or charge, your audio device or cell phone.

Another cool feature is the clear plastic covers that go over the bullet speaker housings. If you want to keep the chrome look, leave these covers off. If you want a custom look to match your machine, you can easily paint the inside of these covers any color you like and reinstall. The MA-2 is great system for listening to your favourite tunes while bombing around town.


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