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August 1 2009

Hi Gwen and Glenn,

I just received my Mojo Magazine. It’s nice to read about real people in your stories.

I read and reread it from cover to cover. The photography, quality of paper and layout make it the #1 motorcycle magazine BAR NONE.

The Wheels Thru Time article was the best coverage I have seen on Dale’s museum. When I saw my picture in said article, it fired my soul seeing my old bike and Dale holding my sweater.

One Proud Canadian,

John Williams

Five-time World Hillclimb Champion

Via snail mail


I picked up a copy of your first issue at a bike show in Toronto when it first came out (how long ago was that?) and liked it enough to subscribe. When the time came to renew though, I didn’t, for various reasons. I really haven’t paid much attention since.

Now, forward to last week. I can’t say exactly why, but MM caught my eye at Shoppers Drug Mart and I picked it up. How can I put this…WOW! I AM IMPRESSED! The quality of the photography, the writing, the variety of articles and the magazine itself. It is a great magazine.

Anyway, I have subscribed again. This may supplant my only other magazine subscription (and THAT is saying something).

Thank You. Sincerely,

Peter Trocewicz

Via email

Just wanted to say, “keep up the great work.” I really enjoy the articles in your magazine and am very happy to see the East Coast so well covered and represented in your magazine. I’ll see you at Bike Fest, the Blues Festival and the Wharf Rat Rally. Ride Safe

On a side note I’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to you, your staff and to all the others involved for all you did for one of our wounded soldiers. That was a VERY BIG THING!

Marc Osmond, Via email

Here’s to you Misti!

Hello—I had been reading your articles in Motorcycle Mojo. I find them quite informative and they get to the basics. I think you understand that the simplest of things on the bike can be the most trying for some people. I have been riding five years but after a bad accident I lost the confidence to ride again. I bought myself a 250 Marauder and tried to start from scratch. Just simple things like turning a corner were all of a sudden extremely difficult—I was almost “scared” of the bike­—yet I love biking so.

After a difficult year my husband went and bought me a 883L Sportster–now I am not ready for this! It’s a beautiful gesture but I am terrified that I’ll dump it—the confidence just is not there. Can you recommend any riding schools that would go over the basics with me (patiently) and maybe even a good website (chatroom) with other women who are having a difficult time starting up again. I wish I was 20-years younger—I always wanted to race. But for now I’d be happy to be 50 and upright on the bike!

Thanks for listening!

Juliana, Via email

Hi Misti,

I just finished reading your article in Motorcycle Mojo June ‘09. Congrats on your pregnancy! We have two children that we used to love bringing with us on our cruisers, but last year my nine-year-old son was getting bored on the bike (and biking is a big part of who my husband and I are.)

We thought it was the end of family riding, but this spring we all got into dirtbiking and we all have a blast. I still prefer my cruiser but now we can compromise and take turns. Hopefully your little one will enjoy it as much as you do. It’s a fun family activity.

Good luck with parenting and have fun!

PS: I hope you will still have time to write for the magazine.


Via email


I finished reading your article, ‘A Family Affair’ in Motorcycle Mojo and thought of my cousin in Montreal. Lizane Jean is in her seventh month of pregnancy and has hung up the motorcycle jacket for the moment. I have sent her a note, re: our crazy racer from BC that still rides with modified riding apparel.

Please continue to support and influence our Canadian female riders out there. Good luck with your future riding and little one. I know He or She will have a great Mom and motorcycle instructor all wrapped into one. The little one is so lucky.

Thanks, Derrick

Via email

This comment is in response to ‘Just a Few Friends… He Said’, July 2009 page 12.


Just got the new issue and read your article.

I can’t express how repulsed I was by this action or proud of the brother/sisterhood of bikers. Just wish I had heard of the ride before so my lady and I could have joined the others from Ottawa.

I am an army brat and very proud of our forces and what they are doing. I feel so bad for Darlene and I hope she now knows there are many, many Canadians….on and off bikes that feel for her and are proud of her son.

Lee Mosley CLU

Via email

Hi Gwen,

Like you, I look forward to Paddy’s ‘dispatches from the road’.

I meet Paddy at a Tim Horton’s in Woodstock, NB and he ended up staying at my place. He’s a truly funny, very interesting character and he and I sat up late into the evening drinking beer and chatting about motorcycles and travel and books about both.

The next day I rode north with him a few miles wishing I could tag along on his incredible trip. Of course I didn’t, but his stories and photos about his adventures (and mis-adventures) kept me entertained as the snow piled up outside. I wish him well.

Bob MacKay, Grafton, NB

Via email


Hi Bob,

As you can see we have convinced Paddy to share his road diaries with us. Look for his tales of adventure in many issues to come.


I pick-up your mag at Cycle Boyz in Brandon. MB and I enjoy the read. I will be going to subscribe in the near future. Just this month I purchased a frame and front end from Cycle Boyz and I am going to build a bike. I am a complete amateur so this should be interesting. I do my own wrenching on my own 94 FLHTC so I have some knowledge. My space is limited in my garage so the wife gave me permission to build and mock up in the basement. Now there was a shock that could come back and bite me in the ass. Anyway with Derek and Brent’s guidance I hope to complete it in a couple of years.

My wife is seriously into scrap booking so the pictures have started. Ya know if ya wait and dream long enough they come true.

Great Canadian Mag!

Bob Toma

Via email

I’ve been reading the “Mojo” for almost four years now and still get excited when a new issue arrives in the mail. Congratulations on this last issue with particular reference to the article on “The Motorcycle and Sidecar”. What a great effort by Graham Clayton who transported me, as a reader, back to my youth watching my school friend along with his sister, Mother and Father climb aboard their combination for a day’s outing. Then later when I had my first bike, a 1932 Raleigh and watching the thrill of sidecar racing at Brands Hatch where I grew up in the UK, with the sidecar passenger getting a worms eye view in the left hand turns and a lung full of exhaust in the right turns.

Thanks John Whittingham.

Via email


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