Jac-Knife Your Harley Floorboards

October 1 2009

Cycle Boyz Customs, out of Brandon, Manitoba, has hit the market with some innovative new highway pegs for Harley-Davidson floorboards.

These top quality discreet highway pegs tuck neatly under the existing floorboards and with a flick of your boot they slide out allowing you more legroom. They look great in both positions, and when folded in they almost disappear as if they are part of the original floorboard. They won’t clutter up your engine guard, and are ideal if you want to remove the engine guard altogether but still want the ability to stretch out. The Jac-Knife is also perfect for the shorter rider who may not be able to reach the traditional location of highway pegs on the engine guard.

The kit comes complete with the necessary installation hardware as well as a detailed installation video on mini DVD. The Jac-Knife highway pegs are available in black anodized or chrome resulting in a superior fit and finish.

With regular hand tools, an angle grinder and a drill, installation is easy thanks to the accuracy of the machined parts. Mounting the Jac-Knife pegs involves a little bit of grinding to the underside of the stock floorboards to allow clearance of the Jak-Knife when folded in, as well as simply drilling a couple of mounting holes. Installation should take about two-hours. Once installed they are easy to use but do allow the floorboard to flex a bit. There is however an additional kit to reinforce the floorboards that I have not tried. The reinforcement kit is about $30.

If you are the kind of rider to scrape floorboards, then you will scrape the Jac-Knife pegs first since they are mounted under the floorboards. The only other downside I found is accidentally putting my foot on them while coming to a stop so I would recommend folding them in before stopping.

The Cycle Boyz Jac-Knife fits all standard FL boards from 1986 to present and kits are also available for the swept style Street Glide and the half moon Cross Bones style boards. All styles retail for $239 in either the black anodized or chromed finish.

Check out www.cycleboyz.com or give them a call at 204-726-4641.

Dealer inquiries welcome and the Boyz offer custom engraving on the outer face of the Jac-Knife pegs on orders of 12 or more.



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