Keep Cool and Protected

October 1 2009

There are some riders that will ride without protective gear on hot days but if you’re like me, you prefer to wear proper riding gear at all times. The problem is, sometimes a riding coat gets so hot that you feel like you might pass out.

TechNiche designs climate control clothing solutions that include a cooling vest. You wear the cooling vest underneath your riding coat and the best part is, the more your coat is done up the better the cooling vest works since wind and sun will make the water evaporate faster.

Start off by soaking the cooling vest in water for a minute or two and then blot dry with a towel, or gently wring out the vest. The special ‘HyperKewl’ fabric that is sewn into the lining absorbs moisture and slowly releases water through evaporation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the hottest part of the day. If left exposed to the air or the sun, the moisture evaporates much faster.

I’ve soaked the vest at 10 a.m., ridden all day and found that in early evening it is still damp and cooling. It really does work. I’ve stopped on scorching hot days while everyone else is peeling their gear off, I just left my coat done up. They think I’m crazy…but hey, I’m just too cool. This summer I have taken it with me on many trips and it never fails to keep the heat at bay. If you take your jacket off when you stop, just wrap your jacket around the vest to minimize evaporation.

The only thing I can say negative about the vest is that the moisture makes it a little on the heavy side and it can feel a little clammy initially after being soaked, but the cooling effect far outweighs the minor negatives. When it’s not needed anymore it folds quite thin for storage. It’s washable and you just hang to dry.

The vest is distributed through Kimpex and should be available through most power sport dealers. Sizes range from XS to XXXL, price is $59.99 for all sizes. MMM

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