Stop N Go Tire Repair Kit #1066

October 1 2009

There’s no need to worry about being stranded with a punctured tire when you’re miles from home, that is, if you carry the new ‘Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit’ from Stop & Go.

A generous supply of (10) tubeless plugs and (4) 16-gram CO2 canisters allows for multiple repairs and inflation ‘on the spot’. Each CO2 provides 8-9 lbs. of inflation at 850 psi. Four canisters are enough to get you back on the road. The split-eye insertion tool, rasp, and rubber cement allow you to craft an effective repair without dismounting the tire. A replacement valve core, valve cap, inflator adapter with solid brass fittings and hand cleaner round out the completeness of this kit.

And it all comes in a durable, compact vinyl zippered pouch. The kit weighs only 18-ounces. Many other Tire Repair Kits are available from Stop N Go.

Distributed by Parts Canada and available at most motorcycle dealers and parts & accessory stores.


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