Bill 117 is now officially dead

March 15 2010

You may remember back in October 2008, Ontario Liberal MPP Helena Jaczek (Oak Ridges-Markham) introduced a Private Member’s Bill that if passed, would outlaw any person under the age of 14 years to be a passenger on a motorcycle in Ontario.

The ensuing wave rippled across the nation. Not only because members of the riding community couldn’t believe that such an idiotic law had passed its second reading, but once a law is passed in one province, it has the possibility to migrate to other provinces.

Well, you can all rest easy now and take your kids out for a ride without any threat of repercussions from the law. I’m happy to say that with the prorogation of the Ontario legislature on March 4, 2010, Bill 117 is now officially dead and no longer a threat.

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