European Vacation – June 15

June 15 2010

We are in Castle Dracula now. A bit of a letdown as I thought it was built for a movie, but it is just a hotel in the mountainous countryside.

We stayed last night in medieval walled town called Sighisoara and had a walking tour of it this morning.

Yesterday we were in a city called Brasov and again had a walking tour in the morning. Brasov is also a medieval city that is celebrating 775 years old although the town was settled hundreds of years prior to that. We visited a church in a small town. The church was build in the 13th century and still conducts service every Sunday. I don’t have internet here so I can’t send photos.

Tomorrow we stay in a convent so might not have internet there either. Hopefully get some work done. I still need to send my editorial and Triumph ride report for this issue. On this Romanian tour Paddy and I are each riding a BMW 650GS.

Just going to bed now, almost 11 pm here. Menu system is really different here. They list the price for chicken, for instance as 10 Leu for 100 grams. If the piece of chicken weighs 500 grams it costs 50 Leu. You don’t know until you get the bill. You order potatoes and vegetables separate, even ketchup, butter and stuff is all like separate menu items.

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