European Vacation – June 16

June 16 2010

Many of the hotels here turn the water off during the day from about 12 – 5. Not sure if the city turns it off of or the area or if the hotel does just for itself. On Sunday we went on the Trasfagarasan Road. This road has hairpin after hairpin as it winds it’s way up one side of a mountain and down the other. Really an amazing road, but Sunday was much too busy. Should have done it through the week.

There are free range cows, horses and sheep so care must be taken when they are at the roadside. I had a cow make a left in front of me but I was going slow. In Sighisoara we stopped at the side of the road as it was so hot. There was a horse and fully loaded cart coming up the hill – the horseshoes kept sliding and the horse fell. Paddy and I went to help, but just as we got there the horse got up again and started to go out into the traffic where there were a lot of trucks. It could have been real bad.

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