European Vacation – June 17

June 17 2010

Last night we stayed in a Pensuine, pronounced “pension.” A Pensuine is a bed and breakfast. This particular B&B was owned by a massive Church with incredible woodwork throughout the church grounds and in the Pensuine. While a lot of the church has been rebuilt, it was originally built during the 12th century.

In the morning we rode to the Merry Cemetery. Centuries ago an artist made a humorous headstone in rhyme about how some died and the tradition stuck complete with paintings of how the person died.

Riding north we got as close to the Ukraine border as possible without going into flat out communism. Actually our guide Florian talked a Romanian border guard into letting three of our group go past the Romanian gate and to the line drawn halfway down the bridge. Paddy and Helmuth actually stepped a foot over the line so technically they can say they had set foot in the Ukraine. From there it was back to Cluj and the end of the tour. We almost got lost and ran out of gas.

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