Metzeler launches interactive website for touring maps

September 17 2010

Rubber experts at Metzeler Moto North America have launched a new website that allows riders to share their favourite touring routes. Simply called Metzeler Maps (www.metzelermaps.com), riders can use the site to search for interesting routes or upload their favourite trips, including any photos and videos they might have taken during the trip. And to ensure that the best rides are brought to the forefront, trips posted on Metzeler Maps can also be commented on and rated by other riders.

The free-to-use format was developed using feedback from European motorcyclists, so the maps found on the website are not limited to North American roads.  Pertinent information needed to plan a ride can be found in each trip’s profile and includes items such as location, the type of trip, its distance, and even the type of bike the trip is most suitable for. Further adding to the versatility of Metzeler Maps, every posted trip can be downloaded for use on either a smartphone or GPS, giving riders the freedom to download trips while they’re on the road.

Recently launched, we only found one Canadian trip posted on the site. However, given its value as a resource for riders wanting to explore uncharted territory, it’s only a matter of time before every road you desperately tried to keep secret will become a popular destination.

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