2011 Talon Invader – A new trike that promises triple the thrills

November 4 2010

Arguably more car than motorcycle – it’s got a steering wheel after all – the Invader is a new reverse-trike from Talon Motors that is scheduled for production in the spring of 2011. Its two-wheel forward stance is the same layout used by BRP’s Spyder, however, unlike traditional trikes that seat the rider and passenger fore and aft, the Invader uses an enclosed side-by-side seating platform. It’s an arrangement we think is best suited for situations when you want to be able to see the fear in your passenger’s eyes.

The Invader is billed as having superbike performance according to its US-based manufacturer. Using a 1,300 cc engine from a Suzuki Hayabusa, the trike is claimed to have enough power to launch its 475 kg (1,040 lb) dry weight to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds on route to a top speed of 232 km/h. The trike’s running gear includes a fully adjustable suspension and four piston brake calipers on each wheel that are used to bring everything back to rest. And just in case you’ve taken things too far, the Invader features an electrically-driven reverse gear.

Safety features for the Invader include a frontal crumple zone, triangulated side protection bars and a complete roll cage around the seating area made from tubular steel. With a roof and a roll cage, it means the rider needs to be strapped into the Invader’s fibreglass body, which is done via a three-point safety harness.

To allow for easier entry and exit, the steering wheel is removable and the seating has been designed for six-footers over two hundred pounds. Once seated, the view is indicative of what you’d find in a car: along with the steering wheel there are gas, brake and clutch pedals and a six-speed sequential shifter.

Talon Motors was the result of a partnership between two performance enthusiasts, Sandy Hall and Tom Sliger. Hall brings his entrepreneurial skills to Talon while Sliger draws upon over 20 years experience fabricating custom motorcycles. Although we weren’t able to confirm Canadian availability of their collaborative effort, we did get a peak at the Invader’s sticker price: $42,900 USD. It’s a price many of us would try to justify if only there was room for a baby seat.

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