Redefining Small: Big changes for Honda’s little CBR125R

December 1 2010

Ever since Honda introduced its CBR125R to Canada in 2007, small bikes that incorporate big bike styling with a lightweight, confidence building chassis have become the rage. Without any sign that the demand for these user-friendly machines was about to dwindle, Honda believed that it was time to give the CBR125R a substantial update for 2011.


The goal for the CBR125R redesign was straightforward. The new bike was to have the look and feel of a larger machine and it was to provide improved ride comfort. To accomplish this, the wee CBR was given slightly larger overall dimensions which in turn allowed for a more comfortable placement of the footpegs and handlebars.


To give the impression that riders were on something appreciably larger than a 125, the CBR now has a more substantial full fairing which is claimed to provide better wind protection. Wider tires (now a 100/80-17 in front and a 130/70-17 at the rear) and a bigger, 13-litre fuel tank, also help to add some beef to its look. Even one of two available paint schemes, the Terra Silver Metallic SE, is said to create the illusion of a middleweight motorcycle. In a nod to modernity, a digital multi-function instrument display replaces the analog unit used by the predecessor.


To meet emission standards, the single-cylinder power plant now uses fuel injection and a catalyser as part of its stainless steel exhaust system. The fuel injection combined with its larger fuel load is promised to give the 137 kg (301 lb) Honda a greater riding range.

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