MCC announces appointment of new boss

January 10 2011

The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC) announced Friday that effective January 17, 2011 Daniel H. Tessier will become the organisation’s new President.

Mr. Tessier’s 25 year background in association management, strategic communications, advocacy, government relations and membership services were determining factors in his appointment. “In addition to being an avid off-road and road motorcyclist, Mr. Tessier’s proven record of achievements in advancing issues that matter to members will be invaluable as the MCC continues to grow and provides value-added services and products to motorcyclists throughout Canada,” said Liz Jansen, Board Chair. “He will guide the Board’s efforts to increase membership, enhance the member benefits package, strengthen stakeholder outreach, improve our effectiveness as an advocacy organisation, and raise the MCC’s profile.”

Most recently, Mr. Tessier served as President and CEO of the Geomatics Industry Association of Canada, based in Ottawa. Previous to that he was Vice President, Public Affairs and Traffic Safety for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). In this capacity, Mr. Tessier was responsible for a number of high-profile traffic safety and advocacy initiatives that advanced the interests of Canada’s motoring community.

For readers unfamiliar with the organisation, the MCC is comprised of national, provincial and territorial organisations, regional clubs, individual members and industry representatives. Their mandate as a national grassroots advocacy organisation is to champion motorcycling interests throughout Canada. More information about the MCC can be found at their website:

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