Improved communication system from Cardo Systems

February 3 2011

Cardo Systems has just introduced the Scala Rider Q2 MultiSet PRO, an improved motorcycle-to-motorcycle intercom system that claims an expanded range and enhanced audio features.

The Q2 MultiSet PRO allows a rider to communicate freely, either with other riders or to a passenger, through a compact, helmet mounted headset. The device can also be used to make cell phone calls, listen to FM radio, play MP3 files or receive directions from a Bluetooth enabled GPS device.

System features include noise canceling headphones and self-adjusting microphone volume based on ambient noise. New to the headset is Embedded Packet Loss Concealment, a technology that allows the system to compensate for lost audio and provides clearer conversations. Also, since the unit is voice activated, riders can use voice commands to control their cell phones. Audio is delivered by two helmet mounted speakers that are described as being compact for good fit and comfort. Ideal for day trips, the Q2 units are rated for up to eight hours of continuous talking.

The new Cardo Scala Rider Q2™ MultiSet PRO is available through motorcycle dealers and communication specialists, or directly from Cardo Systems through their website at

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