New Reevu Helmet puts eyes in the back of your head

February 4 2011

It’s billed as being the only helmet of its kind. Canadian distributor Altman International claims that it will revolutionize the industry by setting a new standard in motorcycle safety. And it’s new on the Canadian market. The Reevu MSX1 is a tri-composite full-face helmet that features a polycarbonate rear view mirror within its shell.

Launched last year in Europe, the Reevu MSX1 is the result of extensive development and holds worldwide patents for its innovative design. The DOT certified helmet comes with features such as a removable liner and a quick release, interchangeable visor that have become standard fare for modern helmets.

We’ve had an opportunity to try the helmet on and can verify that it works. In the same way you would glance in the mirror of a car, the Reevu’s adjustable mirror is fitted above the brow and reveals the road behind you through a set of lenses and a large aperture in the back of the helmet. Although the feature has potential uses other than maintaining an awareness of the traffic behind you, we’ll wait until we’ve had a chance to test one in various lighting conditions before passing judgement on its effectiveness.

The MSX1 starts at $399.95 for solid colours, but Altman International warns that it will only be available in limited quantities. For more information and availability, visit and watch for a full test of the MSX1 this spring inside Motorcycle Mojo Magazine.

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