Conversion Kit turns Softail into a wheelchair-friendly ride

March 30 2011

Florida motorcyclist Chris Tavantzis, who is afflicted by polio and confined to a wheelchair, has developed a conversion kit that enables motorcycles to be ridden by handicapped riders.

ChrisTrikes kits are designed to convert any 1990 or newer Harley-Davidson Softail to a wheelchair-carrying trike. Starting at $15,000, there are currently three kit variations available, each featuring a full limited-slip differential, independent suspensions and handlebar controls that include an electric shift clutch. The Outrider Kit is designed for those who are able to transfer themselves from a wheelchair to the motorcycle seat. Riders restricted to their chairs would use the Stagecoach Kit that allows the motorcycle to be ridden directly from a wheelchair. The third kit, called the Rustler, is meant for able-bodied riders after a trike with serious stowage capacity.



Although the prefabricated kits only fit Softails, ChrisTrikes also perform custom conversions for owners of cruisers from other manufacturers. All orders and inquiries can be made through the company’s website at Tavantzis is passionate about being able to provide the enjoyment of riding to the disabled and is suitably proud of his products. When asked about the top speed of a ChrisTrikes converted Softail, Tavantzis simply replies “how big are your cajonies?”

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