Zero adds Plug-and-Play model to lineup

March 4 2011

California based Zero Motorcycles have added a new model to their electric-only motorcycle range. Described as a crossover, the Zero XU combines the more compact power pack of their off-road models with the ride characteristics of their street bikes. Zero states that the design goal for the XU was to create an ideal electric motorcycle for city dwellers.


What is ideal for the urban rider is that the XU’s power pack is easily removed. Owners now have the opportunity to recharge their power packs anywhere there’s an electric outlet by using Zero’s optional stand-alone charger. It’s a handy feature for those who don’t have garages or access to a power source where they park their motorcycle. Additional power packs can also be purchased, allowing owners the ability to swap-out dead power pack for pre-charged ones for even greater flexibility.


The stand-alone charger normally takes around two hours to replenish the XU’s power pack, but it can also be used in a quick-charge mode that cuts that time in half.


Although we’re waiting on Canadian pricing and availbility, we can report that the Zero XU will sell in the United States for $7,995 (USD) and is scheduled to begin shipping mid-March. The XU comes with a two year limited warranty.


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