2012 BeeWee moves to four-stroke power

June 13 2011

Yamaha Canada claims that their BW’s 50 is the best selling scooter in Canada, so it couldn’t have been without some trepidation that its replacement, the 2012 BW’s 50, was recently announced.


Yamaha has made some major changes to its popular pocket scooter. Most notable is the replacement of its engine; gone is the peppy two-stroke that powered previous generations of BW’s 50s and in its place is a new fuel injected, 49 cc four-stroke.


With scooter popularity once again on an upswing as fuel prices continue to soar at wallet-breaking highs, Yamaha says that the new BW’s 50 has even better fuel economy than the outgoing. “The new BW’s 50 offers more than a good time on two wheels,” says John Bayliss, Yamaha Motor Canada’s Motorcycle Product Manager. “It produces less emissions, has a smoother engine response, is quieter, and for about $6 worth of fuel—at today’s gas prices—you can travel 200 km!” At $3,079 it’s also cheaper to buy as it lists for $120 less than the older model.



The new BW’s 50 has to fill some big shoes. The now outdated two-stroke powered scooter provided enough performance to be an effective urban commuter and its robust frame and oversized tires made it a practical ride over all types of terrain. No doubt its less than stellar emissions was the cause of its demise, but it does leave us wondering if the new four-stroke will be enough to keep pace with fast-moving traffic.


Other changes to the scooter include the addition of liquid cooling, a wave-style brake disc, new instrumentation, an anti-theft lock system and a relocated fuel filler cap to ease gas station visits. Full details and specifications are available at www.yamaha-motor.ca.

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