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June 16 2011

Florida can be a very dangerous place. The south-eastern state has the largest variety of snakes in the United States, contains properties that are guarded by alligators, and is home to the annoying no-see-um, a mosquito-like insect that packs a nasty bite. Recently another danger was added to the woes of Floridians: the Boogeyman.


James Scarborough, a 49 year-old Florida resident, was taken to hospital last Monday after a motorcycle accident that landed him in some trees and left him pinned under his bike. When police investigating the accident arrived at his hospital bed to ask the rider a few questions, he began shouting obscenities and denied having been involved in an accident. With enough alcohol on his breath to have caused a fireball had there been an open flame, Scarborough blamed an encounter with the Boogeyman as the cause of his misfortune.


Scarborough was lucky and only suffered minor injuries from the crash. The story could have ended in tragedy had a venomous snake or alligator happened upon the pinned motorcyclist and finished off what the Boogeyman had started. At Mojo we would like to believe Scarborough, but the local police were far more sceptical and charged him with riding under the influence, refusal to submit to an alcohol test, resisting a police officer, and operating a motorcycle without a license.

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