New Harley-Davidson product gives burnt rubber the boot

June 14 2011

A new addition to the Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories catalogue is Boot Mark remover, a product that claims to remove those unsightly globs of burnt plastic stuck to your expensive chromed exhaust system.


It’s happened to all of us. We’ve all experienced the aftermath of that boot heel that inadvertently rested on an exhaust, the plastic bag that instantly melted to a muffler when you ran over it, or the sick pinging sound of tar being kicked up from the front tire as you rolled over a freshly paved section of road. The result is often a baked on goo that makes cleaning a ten year-old oven seem like a less daunting chore.


Harley-Davidson claims that their new Boot Mark Remover is specially formulated to break down rubber, plastic and road tar that has baked on to your exhaust components. Apparently you only have to apply Boot Mark Remover directly to the offending area of a cooled exhaust, scrub it lightly and wipe away the residue before rinsing the exhaust clean with water. It sounds easy enough to us – even if some days we’ll still be tempted to stick our head in an oven.

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