Ride to Work on June 20, 2011

June 9 2011

Barrie, Ontario – home of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine – has joined the list of cities that support the annual Ride to Work day, which this year falls on Monday, June 20.

The purpose of the yearly event, which was created by a non-profit organization, is to increase public and government support of motorcycles and scooters and to raise awareness that they are a viable, more earth-friendly form of transportation. Part of the Ride to Work campaign involves getting city mayors to sign letters that pledge support of motorcycling and acknowledge their benefits. Interested riders can support the program by making sure they Ride to Work on June 20 and by petitioning their local mayors to sign up and become a supporting city.




The proclamation signed by Barrie mayor Jeff Lehman recognized that motorcycles use comparatively less fuel, cause less pollution and have less of an impact on our infrastructure. Easing the congestion of overburdened streets and slowing the degradation of public roads, motorcycles also require a fraction of the space taken by other vehicles to park, which is an ongoing problem for larger cities.

For more information on the Ride to Work program, visit www.ridetowork.org.

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